Provides an introduction on the time series data.


A collection of data with respect to time is known as time series data. An example of time series data would be a record of the sensor's hourly observations. If we pay close attention to this example of time series data, we can observe a key characteristic of time series data, namely the chronological order of data. The time series data is, therefore, always recorded in chronological order, beginning with current time $t_1$ and move on to next time $t_2$, $t_3$, etc., and never in reverse. To record in reverse would be to record the future, which is imposible.


What is the difference between lists and tuples?


  • Lists are mutable - they can be changed
  • Slower than tuples
  • Syntax: a_list = [1, 2.0, 'Hello world']


  • Tuples are immutable - they can’t be changed
  • Tuples are faster than lists
  • Syntax: a_tuple = (1, 2.0, 'Hello world')

Is Python case-sensitive?