Responsible AI

This project aims to develop and implement AI techniques (or systems) that are ethical, fair, transparent, and accountable while taking into account the social and economic implications of the technology. This project would primarily focus on ensuring that AI systems do not perpetuate biases and discrimination, such as those against a specific race or gender. This includes identifying and mitigating potential sources of bias in the data, algorithm design, and implementation of AI systems, as well as the development of techniques for detecting and correcting bias. In addition to addressing biases, the project aims to promote the explainability of AI systems so that stakeholders can comprehend how decisions are made and identify potential problems. The project also seeks to establish best practises and guidelines for the responsible development and deployment of AI systems in order to promote fairness and equity in their application. In addition, an emphasis would be placed on the Human-centred AI approach, employing techniques like active learning to address these issues.


  • Type: Research/Individual